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Home Alone 2: How Much Did The McCallister's Christmas Vacation Cost?

"Someone actually figured out how much the Christmas vacation/s on Home Alone 2 cost? They need to get a life!" Ah, I love the smell of being judged. But you know what? Yes I did.  You're welcome. And don't try to act like you're not the least bit curious.

Home Alone 2 cost of McCallisters vacation

Watching classic Christmas movies around Christmas time spread eagle in our adult-sized footie pajamas is tradition for many of us and this year I watched one of those classics for the first time. You guessed it, Home Alone 2.

People are still talking about how amazing the McCallister house from the Home Alone movies is, but when I watched Home Alone 2, I couldn't stop thinking about how much everything would cost. You notice this kinda stuff as an adult.

If you've never seen the movie, let me give you a quick run through. Kevin, the star of Home Alone, and his family decide to spend Christmas in Miami but Kevin gets sidetracked at the airport and ends up following a man who looks like his dad onto an airplane that is headed to New York instead of Miami.

Home Alone 2 airport switcharoo scene

When in New York, Kevin is able to attend the shenanigans with Daddy's credit card (which he stole).

Home Alone 2 Kevin McCallister runs amok

So, how much did the McCallister's Christmas vacation cost? I re-watched Home Alone 2 closely to find out.

We'll start with a known, Kevin's room-service bill which is revealed at the end to be $967 on room service. I decided to see how much this vacation would cost present-day just because it's easier, so I used an inflation calculator. Price inflation since 1992 is estimated to be 69.2% making the bill $1636.54 in 2015.

Home Alone 2 Kevin's room service

$1636.54 (room service bill)

$40.18 (price of toys Kevin purchased at Duncan's Toy Chest plus inflation. Originally $23.75)

$20 (Kevin gives Duncan for charity. Yes, I'm being nit picky, people!)

$8.46 (two pearl necklaces for $5 originally that Kevin buys from a street vendor to trip Wet Bandits)

$5.50 (for two hot chocolates Kevin mentions buying with the Pigeon Lady. I based this price off of Starbucks' going rate for tall hot chocolate)

$5616.80 (plane tickets from Chicago to Miami for 14 people at the price of $401.20 per person)

$7280.26 (plane tickets from Miami to New York for 13 people, since Kevin is already in New York, at the price of $560.02 per person) 7280.26

$738 (2 private vans to airport and back. One van is $369. Yes, I even put in the McCallister's pick-up address because I'm Queen of all things ridiculous)

$150 (baggage fees for the 6 suitcases I counted at the airport scene. $25 per bag)

$1304  (Miami hotel for 2 nights. Kevin's family leaves on the second night after receiving a call from the Police that Kevin is in New York. When researching, I discovered that this hotel didn't really exist, well, a hotel existed but it wasn't called Villa De Dolphine, wasn't even located in Miami, and has since been torn down, so I priced out a sleezy looking hotel in Miami on Trip Advisor. $1304 was the cheapest I found for the one room the McCallister bunch was seen sardine canning it in. I calculated a 3-day stay for 4 adults and 10 kids from the 23rd-26th assuming they'd leave after Christmas. Daddy McCallister would've booked the room for at least that long since there's no way he would've thought Kevin would get left behind. Again!)

$2495 (Kevin's one night stay in a luxury suite at the Plaza Hotel)

$5 (total guess at what Kevin's fireworks from Chinatown cost)

$1 (candy bar)

$20 (Cab fare estimation just for Kevin since there's no way to know his exact route. Kevin's mom also takes a Taxi all around New York to search for Kevin but I'll just leave that out because give me a break)

Now, there are some gray area items such as 4 movie rentals, the 3 chocolate chip cookies from the hotel room's bar Kevin shoved inside his backpack before running away, and the dry cleaning of his boxers that I'm gonna assume were put on his room service bill (though I doubt it), and not include in my tally. I know, I'm such an asshole.

House damage to family member's New York home: I can't even. But then again, they were remodeling so maybe Kevin helped them save on labor.

And the grand total for the McCallister's New York/Miami is...

Home Alone Kevin McCallister

 ****$19,320.74. ****

Ummm...wowza. And that's not even including the money spent on food for 13 people (we know how much Kevin spent!) for 2 days, or the epic shit storm of damages to Kevin's Uncle's house.
But Kevin managed to get quite a few things for free that made up for part of that tab such as:

*Complimentary 3 bedroom, 2 story luxury hotel suite at the Plaza Hotel for at least one night
*Free Christmas presents from Duncan's (a fictional toy store, by the way)
*Free limo for a day
*Free pizza

This kid's got mad skills, yo.

And there you have it, the answer to the age-old question that was probably never asked by anyone else but me: How much did the McCallister's vacation in Home Alone 2 cost?

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