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How To Get More Betterer At The Twitter

how to get more followers on twitter

Okay, I'm not Kim Kardashian, nor do I claim to be the Queen of Twitter. I have only actively been using Twitter for less than a year but in that time I've learned a lot so I thought I'd help those starting out or wanting more followers by passing on some tips.

Here it goes!

1) Hashtags Are Not Necessarily Your Friend

What!? My life is a lie!

I know what you're thinking because I thought it too. Hashtags are what get your tweets noticed, right? Well, yes and no.

If a person is searching Twitter for something specific, they can use the search bar and any tweets containing those words will show up. My first tweets, for a while actually, were tagged with #momlife #momproblems, etc. While this helped me find funny parent accounts and parent bloggers, it is my personal opinion that it makes your tweets less attractive to those wanting to retweet. To me, they spell out "newbie."


2) DO Use A Twitter Link

What am I talking about? You may or may not have seen these links in other people's bios. There is a handy link that brings up a search list of all your tweets. Think of this as a resume. Other users are curious to see what YOU have to say, so rather than risk them losing interest as they dig through your timeline that's full of retweets. Make your voice easily accessible.

When I tried Googling for this magical link, I came up empty handed so I'm going to do you a solid. Copy this link and replace YOURUSERNAME with, you guessed it, your user name, or everything after your "@":

Don't worry if you don't see the whole link when you go to paste it into your bio. It should work.

3) Put The @'s Down And Nobody Gets Hurt

An "@" is Twitter lingo for annoying. Totally kidding. Kind of. An "@" is when you reply to other people's tweets or go to their timeline and write to them. It's totally fine to do this every once in a while, but if you reply to every single tweet someone writes, you need to simmer.

Also, if I go to your timeline and see that it's filled solely with @'s to people, I probably won't follow. I want to know what you have to say, not read conversations between you and other people. Twitter people have jokes about "@'ers." Don't be an "@'er."


To confuse you even more, I am now going to encourage you to @ people. I know, so many acronyms, omg, wtf? But these are actually great opportunities to engage with people and show them your appreciation. Why do this? Because you're a mostly nice person hopefully, but you're also benefiting yourself because now these people may return the favor by visiting your timeline to follow, if they aren't already, and hopefully get your name out by retweeting you.

Don't expect that though. Do this out of the goodness of your heart because you truly like these people. Make a list of, say, 5 users that you admire and send your love out into the Twitterverse.


I was very shy to retweet (RT) other people in the beginning. Don't be! It is the biggest compliment to do so. A heart (or sometimes star...Twitter is always changing this) is nice, but people really want and appreciate RT's. This being said, only RT things that you genuinely think are funny and/or interest you. Basically, would you have tweeted this if you thought of it first, and/or do you support this?

Retweets are a reflection of yourself.

Retweeting increases your chances of being followed and retweeted because the people you retweet will likely check you out if they haven't already to return the favor. I know I do.

6) This Is Not Facebook

I repeat, this is NOT Facebook. I don't want to know what you did today or how yummy your coffee is. I want to laugh. Facebook is where you go to glorify your life, Twitter is where it's hilarious to over dramatize how shitty things are, that's why most of us love Twitter. Life is a shit show, let's have some laughs. We see enough filtered pictures and airbrushed lives on Facebook. Nnnnno! *smacks your hand*

7) Participate In Hashtag Games

Hashtags are okay if you're participating in a hashtag contest. This is where a hashtag game account gives a topic and you respond with your wittiest answer and include the topic's hashtag in your tweet. A ton of people participate in these contests because they're fun and will check out other people's responses and heart or retweet you if they like what you have to say. Maybe even give you a follow.

8) Make Friends

You'll run into people that interest you more than others. Visit their TL's frequently and retweet them, @ them something witty every once in a while, give 'em a shout-out as a cool person to follow. Maybe you'll become friends and they'll begin retweeting you and telling their friends to follow you. Put them on a list of your favorite people so it's easier to keep track of them.

I never thought it would be possible to find friends on Twitter but I've made quite a few and we talk more than I talk to some of my closest friends (I know, that's bad). Twitter people rock.

9) Be Consistent

Try to write tweets daily. I know that sounds like a lot (and it is, trust me, I find it challenging) but Twitter is fast-paced and people look forward to fresh content. Make a draft folder or keep notes on your phone whenever you think of something witty so you can have a reserve of tweets on days your mind is blank then just copy and paste.

10) Fucking Moist

I'm Mommy Cusses. I very obviously have an appreciation for swearing, but to be appealing to a wider audience, I tend to refrain from cursing. Same goes with being gross and porny. I over share, I tweet vulgar things, but most of my tweets just have to do with every day life. This is for the same reasons. Unless that's your target audience, of course, in which case let your freak flag fly.

11) Check Out My Blog Post!

"No!" is what most people think when you link to your blog posts on Twitter. It's harsh but it's the truth. Most people are on Twitter for quick comic relief, they don't have time to visit your blog. Does this mean never mention your blog posts? Absolutely not. But don't ONLY use Twitter to announce that you've published a new blog post.

Don't be monotone. Make a meme, post a funny picture, retweet, tweet some funny content. It's no fun visiting a timeline that is repetitive.

12) Kill The Crowd Fire

I loathe getting DM's after following someone and it's an automated message thanking me and welcoming me to check out your blog. Stop pressuring me! I know you have a blog, I saw the link in your bio.

Thank me some other way, LIKE BY RETWEETING ME or following me back if you like me. Your generic message is giving me hives. Big turn-off, personally.

Now I'm gonna learn ya on a few acronyms and Twitter lingo so you won't feel so damn clueless.

RT- Retweet
TC - Twitter Crush
FF - Follow Friday
MCM - Man Crush Monday
WCW - Woman Crush Wednesday
TL - Timeline (your profile)
CW- Coworker
4: - (or any number) Person is referring to their child by using their age rather than a name. Many people on Twitter favor anonymity.
Twittercide- When a user, especially one who has a large-ish following, deletes their account or no longer tweets.
Big Account - A Twitter user with a large following
Small Account - A newbie

 I hope this post helps you to be more confident and not feel as awkward and clueless as I was in the beginning. Now get out there and have some fun!

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