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Fun Non-Traditional Baby Shower Game

 Fun Baby Shower Game: Pass The Baby

pass the baby funny baby shower game

Years ago, I threw a friend a baby shower. I wanted to come up with some baby shower games that didn't completely suck and ended up coming up with one on my own. Well, sorta. I stole the idea from a hilarious Passions party game and modified it for the baby shower. Key word, modified. No, I did not do a sex party game at a baby shower.

The game I modified required you to pass a certain X-rated object from betwixt your legs from person to person. Naturally, I, in all my awkward inappropriateness, wanted to play this game. At someone's baby shower. 

Don't worry, I made the game totally PG-13, and everyone had a freaking blast doing it.

Here's what you'll need:

  • A baby doll (you can get these at the dollar store, just be sure it's a decent size.  A life-sized baby doll is probably best because it just adds to the hilarity).
  • A way to play and pause music.
  • A song of your choice.

Here's how you play:

1. You'll need someone to sit this game out so they can play and pause the music so if you have any bashful friends, they can participate without participating by being the DJ.

2.  Everyone gets in a circle (close together because you're about to get to know each other REALLY well) and the mom-to-be starts out with the baby doll.

3.  To be fair, the DJ turns around so they can't see the circle.

4.  The mom-to-be puts the baby doll in-between her legs so that the legs are sticking out one way and the head is sticking out the other way, horizontally, so that she can easily-ish pass the doll to the person next to her.

5.  The DJ starts playing the music and will randomly decide when to stop the music.  Think musical chairs.

6.  So meanwhile, the participant is being passed from in-between one person's legs to the next.  YOU CANNOT USE YOUR HANDS (unless the doll drops, then, and only then, can the person who dropped it pick it back up, put it back between their legs and continue trying to pass the doll).

7.  Whenever the music stops, the person who has the baby is OUT.

8.  Continue doing this until only two people remain.  Continue playing the game as you have, only this will part will be the most laughing you've ever done as both people thrust at lightening speed so as not to get caught with the doll.

9. Whoever has the doll when the music stops loses and the winner gets a prize.

The other hilarious game I can't take credit for but wanted to play was Pin the Sperm on the Egg.  I ordered mine last-minute hoping to get it in time but I didn't.  Sad panda over here.

 pin the sperm on the egg baby shower game

 Here's a list of some of the other hilarious games we played at the baby shower: 

Playdough Baby:
Each person gets some play dough and tries to make the best miniature baby, whoever mommy and/or daddy-to-be thinks is the best wins.

play dough babies funny baby shower game

Baby Face:
Pictures of the mom and dad-to-be are printed out and cut into three sections, the top of the head, the middle of the head, and the bottom of the face.  Each participant gets a piece of paper and some glue and using a combination of head sections from the mom and dad, they try to build the craziest looking first baby picture.  Mom and/or dad gets to judge who made the best baby.

 baby face funny baby shower game

Message Diapers:
Okay, so this one wasn't a game but it was still a lot of fun.  Get a package of diapers, set them on a table with some sharpies, and have all the guests write funny little messages on the butt of the diapers.

 To read more about these fun games and get more baby shower game ideas, visit Buzzfeed.

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