Monday, November 7, 2016

New Game Obsession: KinderPerfect

 First and foremost, guys, I've been working on a pretty big project which is why I have been neglecting this blog a bit. When I finally tell you what I've been up to, you'll be excited. I think. I hope.

But without further ado...

KinderPerfect Cards Against Humanity for parents

All work and no play makes mommy hide in a locked closet with chocolate.

As parents, we soon realize that the best medicine for all our parental woes and frustrations is laughter, so when I saw KinderPerfect pop up on my Facebook feed as the parent's version of Cards Against Humanity, I immediately added it to my mental wishlist. I even shared to my Mommy Cusses Facebook page which is a thing I have never done before for a product.

KinderPerfect is so badass that they, 1) Even saw my post and, 2) Offered to send me a free game to review. I was freaking ecstatic.

Scary Mommy describes KinderPerfect as a parent’s version of the widely popular card game Cards Against Humanity and that's precisely what it is.

To play, grab a few mom and/or dad friends who share your inappropriate sense of humor. The package recommends 4 or more players but the more the merrier. If you’re like me and your house is in complete disarray, you prefer to not wear pants, and frankly, don’t know that many people that could make it to your house, you could play online. I’ll tell you how I went about doing that.

The cards are split up into topic cards (White Cards) and answer cards (Red Cards).

KinderPerfect card decks

 Traditionally, at the beginning of each round, a person sits out and acts as a “Parent” much like a “Reader” in Cards Against Humanity. They pick a White Card which is a topic card, and read it to the other players.

Each player is dealt 10 red answer cards, and of those 10, they must pick their best/funniest response to the topic card that was read and hand that card to the reader.

Once all the White Cards are handed to the Parent, the Parent then decides which one they like best and then that player wins the round and is awarded the Red Card that was played.

It’s easy, it’s hilarious, there aren’t a million stupid plastic pieces you have to set up, and you don't have to share with your kids. It’s perfect. We’re parents and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Because most of my friends are spread out geographically, I decided to modify this game a bit and play it in a group chat with some of my favorite fellow “parent humor” friends on the Twitter.

Hilarity ensued.

Here are just a couple of the most hilarious game results:

hilarious new parent game KinderPerfect

hilarious new parent game KinderPerfect

The way I played was, I got a bunch of friends together online in a private group message. I chose 5 cards instead of 10 for each person and messaged each what was written on their answer cards. I chose a topic card and typed it out to the group and we played as normal but I opted for the group to vote on their favorite answer instead of designating a reader.

It took more time to message each person their answers but it all worked out and we had a lot of laughs.

So, basically what I’m saying is that there’s no excuse for you to not play this game.

The only negative thing I have to say about this game is that there wasn't more of it. I wanted more red topic cards so that I could put off cleaning my house and watching the Angry Birds movie on repeat for longer and keep playing.

Misery loves company, so grab a few friends and let the boxed wine flow. You deserve this. After all, what’s a slow spiral into madness without maniacal laughter?

Buy your set of KinderPerfect here!

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