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Mommy Cusses A Bad Moms Christmas sponsored by Evite post
This post is sponsored by Evite.

Hold onto your peppermint schnapps-filled bra flasks, ladies, because A Bad Moms Christmas, the sequel to the mom’s anthem of movies, Bad Moms, is coming out in December and we need this. Holy common core, do we need this. So, what does it mean to be a “bad mom” during the holidays even? These days, it can mean opting to not play with Lucifer’s doll, aka an Elf on the Shelf, in the middle of the night by making it poop Hershey Kisses in order to delight one’s children. But, if you need other examples of ways you’re robbing your children of seasonal magic and wonderment, Pinterest has them in the thousands.

In the days leading up to Christmas, there are always ample opportunities to festively fuck up, and in anticipation of A Bad Moms Christmas, I started thinking about my own “bad mom” moments, of which there are plenty.

Picture taking

I don’t set out to be a fire-breathing asshole whenever I want a decent picture with my kids, it just happens in this #blessed family. First, you have to wrestle your kids into coordinated outfits while they cry things like, “But it itches!” and, “The price tag is poking my butthole. Why can’t you cut it off?” And it’s like, I love you, but not keep a $100 Ralph Lauren outfit you’ll only wear once love you. Then, you try to gather everyone in front of the Christmas tree but Jimmy is snorting sugar off Sour Patch Kids and Aden is busy kick-farting. Once you’ve wrangled everyone together, you have the impossible task of getting everyone to smile in unison for two goddamned seconds. Good luck with that. You could take one million pictures and one kid is going to look like a constipated robot while another is busy staring off to the side at ghosts, probably.

Elf on the Shelf

More like Elf on my Last Gotdamn Nerve. I purchased an Elf on the Shelf a few years ago because I really do try to make my kids’ childhoods magical. Sure, the thing looks like the stuff of nightmares, but if it puts a smile on your child’s face, then it’s pretty worth it to me. Except, creeping around at o’ dark thirty in the morning with a doll to ruin your home on purpose, or waking up in a cold sweat because you forgot to move the damn thing gets old, really quick. Thankfully, my son was still too young to question why our elf walked out on us after pulling stunts for less than a week. Unthankfully, he saw the Elf on the Shelf box stuffed in a corner of our garage and had some questions recently. Oops.

That’s a Prime shame

Amazon Prime is my hero during the holidays. Well, year-round, really, but the week or so before Christmas, my front porch looks like a shipping warehouse. Oh, you had your shopping done two months ago? Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

The sight of Amazon packages isn’t anything new to my son, because drinking and Prime-ing is a thing that sometimes occasionally happens a lot. What was a bit of a surprise, was my child stumbling upon a Christmas gift that was pretty high up on his list. To good ol’ Saint Nick. This prompted some questions that I awkwardly stumbled my way through.

“Well, sweetie, sometimes the elves get really busy up at the North Pole, so they ask parents to help them out. So, parents are kind of like Santa’s helpers.” Sure, we’ll stick with that.

To preserve my son’s belief in Santa, I decided to use different wrapping paper for the gifts he’d put on his list and sneak them under the tree the night of Christmas Eve. The problem? I wrapped those in the Amazon boxes they came in. Oops. Again.

Will the real Santa Claus please stand up, please stand up?

There is such a thing as too much Christmas. I like to take my kid to different children’s events, and in December there’s usually something happening every weekend. Which means that last year my son saw a different Santa Claus every weekend. He took note. I had to come up with a lie. A white lie. How appropriate for winter. My white lie was that Santa is so busy preparing that he has to send out higher elves who act as his assistants to make extra sure he knew what every kid wanted. Thankfully, this explanation seemed to suffice. Unthankfully, my son wanted to see every Santa’s assistant we ran into so he could give detailed explanations of the things he wanted.

Sometimes our kids surprise us. Like the time my son took the time to ask what I wanted for Christmas. And, while I love and adore my family, sometimes us moms could use a night off.

So, here’s what I’ll be putting on my list to Santa this year:

Dear Santa,

This year, all I want is a night off to do hoodrat stuff with my mom friends. I want to book a hotel so that I can eat food I don’t have to cook and do boxed wine stands in a room I don’t have to clean. I want to take a shower where little people aren’t smushing their faces against the glass while making comments about my jello-ey ass. I want to put on my good leggings and get ready with my girls to some good ol’ gangsta rap while we sip on some mom juice. I want to take my squad to the theater where we can take bathroom selfies and watch something not animated or made by Pixar. I want to laugh my ass off and motorboat the pillows of a bed someone else will make in the morning, all by 10 o’clock pm. Because this girl can’t keep her eyes open past then anymore, who are we kidding?

A “bad moms” night out watching A Bad Moms Christmas sounds pretty legit to me, but we all know girl time takes a lot to pull off. Thankfully, Evite makes planning a night out with your girls super easy. I don’t know about you, but with kids around, phone calls are off the table unless the receiver wants an ear-full of screaming. Text messages are a little better but I have a habit of mentally responding and then getting sidetracked by my never-ending to-do list and the one million demands from tiny humans. 

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Do. It. Now. Because procrastination is gonna be a real kick in the labes come November 11 when you realize you never got your shit together and have to sit at home scrolling through all the pictures of your friends on Facebook who are going to see A Bad Moms Christmas without you. Shit.
Grab your tickets at and let me see you get your bad mom on.

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  1. Kick-farting - mine never did that during Christmas Pic Torture Time, but would've had they known about it.


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