Tuesday, April 10, 2018

7 Uncommon Swear Words Applied to Motherhood

Shitpouch uncommon underused funny swear words from around the world applied to motherhood and parenting by Mommy Cusses

Swearing is my favorite. There’s just something about a good ol’ curse word that titillates my dysfunctional soul. The thing about swear words is that they can be used in a pinch as substitutes for almost any word and you can apply them to mean just about anything, regardless of their true meaning. They’re also great for conveying emotions other words just can’t do justice. As a connoisseur of anything sweary, I take expanding my swearcabulary very seriously. I’ve made it my mission to discover new and exciting curse words to share with you and apply them to parenting and motherhood. 
Here are seven of my new favorite underused swear words: