Who Am I?

Mommy Cusses who am I?

Hi!  Welcome to Mommy Cusses.

My name is Serena and this blog is where I attend the shenanigans. Here, I share stupid stories, try to make you laugh, curse a lot, and pretend to be gangster.

A little bit about me: I have a colorful resume to say the least, but my passions all live in the realm of creativity: writing, drawing, crafting, playing video games in my underwear...what?

I'm a freelance writer, artist, casual gamer, nerd, proud owner of a tiny human, and an Operator's wife. I'm awkward, live with anxiety, and am also an introvert which oftentimes makes momming difficult. Writing has always been how I express myself the best. You can find some of my work on Sammiches & Psych Meds, Berry, and Mommyish.

I love to make people laugh and break down the unrealistic stereotypes that plague parents. I enjoy poking fun at myself and making other moms feel better via comic relief. Let's throw happiness around like glitter and put an end to mom shaming.

Come here for the LOL's, the f-bombs, and the feel-goods. Pour yourself a glass of the good stuff, take off your bra, and stay a while. I won't judge.


Comment, share, and follow. Let's get all up in each others business!

Write to me at mommycusses@gmail.com

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