Who Am I?

Who is Mommy Cusses? About Me
Hi! I'm Serena, a domestic hot mess just white-knuckling my way through parenthood. This sweartastic blog is where I attend the shenanigans, give sanctimommies the middle finger, and punch unrealistic parenting expectations in the crotch. I enjoy writing all things funny, sarcastic, entertaining, f-bomb riddled, and parent-related.

Beyond doling out snacks to my son, acting as a human milk factory for my daughter, and stealing my husband's french fries, I'm a freelance writer, digital content creator, artist, and humorist.

I'm your classic INFJ; awkward, riddled with anxiety, and in my head too much, all of which makes momming difficult.

I write regularly at Sammiches & Psych Meds and have written for some great websites including Scary Mommy, The Dad, The Things, Mommyish, The Berry, and more. You can find out more about my writing experience and view a sample of my media kit by checking out my Media Kit & Writing Portfolio Page.

Come here for the LOL's, the f-bombs, and the feel-goods. Pour yourself a glass of the good stuff, take off your bra, and stay a while. I won't judge.

Comment, share, and follow. Let's get all up in each others business!

For inquiries or to hire me for freelance work - or even just to say "hi" - feel free to contact me at mommycusses at gmail.com


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